8 months and still counting…

On 31st March 2017 when I put my resignation letter and stepped out of the company I did so with a great deal of expectations and calculations. The road map ahead was well defined and the task was cut out. The mission took off well and 8 months down the line it has reached to … Continue reading 8 months and still counting…


Where are we headed to?

The morning of June 8, 2017, the world awoke to newspapers flashing the news of attacks caried out on the Iranian parliament building. The attack had left 17 civilians killed and 43 wounded. These attacks took place not more than two weeks after a series of blasts had rocked the city of London. The attacks … Continue reading Where are we headed to?

Welcome reader

In a world tormented by menace of human beings, a ray of hope tends to be the soothing caress we all long for. Finding the solace in expressing it through a string of words, a little attempt in spreading that soothe to anyone who comes across this site.